Halo: Nightfall First Look

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ThreeA Associates 2014 membership pack by ThreeA and Ashley Wood

3AA membership is only available once a year and that time is now! It goes on sale at 9am Hong Kong time Jan 15, which makes it 6pm PST today (Jan 14) for me.

It comes with all the stuff pictured above plus the things that make it really worth it: 15% all purchases for the year, 24hr guaranteed buying windows, and tons of 3AA exclusives.

Sure, it’s $200, but all things combined it’s a steal. Plus, being a 3AA member already I get to use my 15% discount and 24hr no stress guarantee on it. And an extra goodie. I’m putting my pennies together for this.

I’m not affiliated with ThreeA, I just love Ashley Wood and Co.